Spatial conceptualisation in Russian

proefschrift van Dr. Alla 
						 			Peeters Podgaevskaja
  • This book deals with a broad-scaled analysis of contact situations between located or moving objects and all kinds of locations as well as representation and conceptualisation of the whole range of spatial entities in Russian. The novelty of this work is applying cognitive methodes of linguistic research to diachronic and dialectal data. Moreover, a new approach is introduced which is relevant for certain Slavic languages and is termed 'egofocality'. It takes into account the focus of the observer and his/her zooming in or out of locative scenes. In Russian, with a summary in English and Dutch.

  •   Summary

  • Dr. A.V. Podgaevskaja
    Концептуализация  пространства в  русском  языке
    Spatial conceptualisation in Russian
    Pegasus, 360 blz., paperback,
    ISBN 9789061433255 |  € 32,00